Three+ years in!

img_1637In 2017 I was elected as the first Latina and youngest woman ever to the largest parks special district in the state, THPRD. I immediately hit the ground running. Over the course of my campaign I was vocal about my commitment to racial equity, including younger voices, and the role that THPRD has in addressing community concerns. During my first year two years in this role I am most proud of: eliminating barriers for members of our undocumented community to volunteer, engage in conversations in how special districts can engage in the affordable housing crisis, advocating for childcare at board and advisory council meetings, and recruiting mothers to numerous THPRD committees and councils.

Most recently I made a commitment to visit ALL the THPRD parks, which is over 100! I am proud to share that I reached my goal in 2019!

Another highlight is that I was recently featured on Inside Washington County